Seaport Assets, Inc. is an investment and acquisition company that specializes in two asset categories: Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) and Real Estate. Our team has decades of experience operating SMBs and managing real estate transactions. We look to create value in categories that are often overlooked by mainstream investors: SMBs and Vacant Land.

Our mission is to help democratize wealth generation by making it more accessible to people who truly generate value: Entrepreneurs. Often, entrepreneurs create value in their SMB, but can’t turn that value into true wealth. Most entrepreneurs don’t make their wealth via working in the business…they make their wealth when they sell the business. Often, when they sell, they are uninformed, unprepared, and they typically don’t capitalize on the true value of what they’ve created.  We are here to change that! Because when entrepreneurs have money they tend to solve very big problems. We believe that enabling entrepreneurs to harness true wealth from the value they create will compound and ultimately help to solve massive global problems.

Seaport Assets is not a brokerage or an agent; we buy, sell and monetize SMBs and real estate completely in-house and for our own purposes. Therefore, we do not have an agent or broker relationship with our Sellers or Buyers. This allows us to cut-out middleman fees and then pass those savings on to our clients.

We are also part of a national group of investors who specialize in Joint Ventures (JV) and in consolidating SMBs into larger vertical business opportunities.



Associate Partner


Black House PE is a global Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) firm. Headquartered in the US with offices in Europe and Asia. We provide our clients with a full-suite of services: private equity expertise, transaction experience, and corporate services. Our goal is to drive change in the investment of Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) and help them scale.




Stone Peak Alliance represents an alliance of entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses, grown them, and exited them. We work with entrepreneurs to achieve spectacular results, helping them to achieve exponential growth of revenue and M&A events. We create a custom-tailored campaign to sell your business to a global network of strategic buyers.




Stone Peak Associates helps entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth, whether or not you want to sell the business. Our proprietary system generates more leads, more sales, and increased profit margins. We specialize in Growth, Leads, and Sales by offering a variety of outsourced and consulting services.




Utilizing a proprietary mix of consulting and educational resources, we can help your business achieve its desired results. We utilize objective metrics to focus on the 8 key value drivers in your business. We also assess these key areas before an engagement, during, and after to show you how your business is progressing.

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