We identify off-market properties (all vacant land) and then either develop the property, bring the property to market, or hold the property for a long-term investment. We work directly with the property owner to acquire the property. We do not have a broker or agent relationship with the property owners and we acquire these properties for our own purposes. Therefore, we're able to eliminate many of the typical transaction costs and middleman fees that agents and brokers charge.


One of our goals as a company is to help people reach their dream of owning land...and we do this at an affordable price. Our clients are just like you...they are real people with real dreams of building a house, or a commercial building for their business, or having a piece of land for recreational purposes, or whatever the dream may be. We want to empower that person to achieve their goals and to get a good deal doing it. So, often we will bring an off-market property to the market, thus creating a channel for people to buy land at wholesale rates.

Due to our acquisition process, we are often able to bring properties to market at 40-60% below market value. This creates a win-win-win relationship. We purchase properties from Sellers and relieve them from their situation with the land, then we sell it to a Buyer who has a dream of what they want to do with the land, and we make a little bit of money in the meantime.


Many clients have come to us with the dream of buying land but they just don't have the cash to complete the transaction. So, we work with them to make it happen.

In order to make the dream of buying land a reality for our clients, we offer financing for most of our properties. We do the financing in-house and don't use third parties, banks, or other lenders. Therefore, we can be flexible with the terms (i.e., the amount down, monthly payments, interest rate, term length). We try to make it as easy as possible for our clients to purchase land from us. We don't complete credit checks and we make all of our financing decisions in-house, so it's quick and painless.


One of the options we have after acquiring a property is to develop it. This can be a wide variety of different development options. However, we tend to favor the placement of a manufactured home, a tiny home, a modular home, or other simple structure on the property and then either rent the property or sell it outright.

With this strategy, we're often able to bring houses to the market at below market values. This is due, again, to our acquisition process and our ability to find off-market properties at a good value.

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