Small to Mid-Sized Businesses


SMBs represent roughly 50% of the GDP in the US and are a massive portion of the workforce, yet they are often overlooked by traditional investment standards. SMB owners often cannot get loans without leveraging all of their personal assets, they have a hard time finding investors, and they don't have the typical exponential growth prospects that mainstream investors look for. Many SMB owners are Baby Boomers who want to retire but have no succession plan in place. But these are main street type businesses: manufacturing, construction, medical, logistics, marketing...the lifeblood of our economy. These SMBs need a path to extract the value they create and to transition their business to the next generation. Trillions of dollars of SMB wealth will be transitioned over the next 10-15 years. That's why we invest in SMBs.


Seaport Assets invests in and acquires SMBs that have
  • Between $500k and $10MM in annual revenue
  • Been in business for at least 5 years
  • Staff and management in place

Targeted Sectors:
  • Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction Services, Logistics and Transportation, Marketing, IT, Media


We employ 20+ acquisition and growth strategies that aren't part of the mainstream M&A firms. Every business is different and requires a unique approach to getting a deal done. Our goal is always to invest in or acquire a business, grow it, scale it, and prepare it for an exit, thus creating a wealth generating event for the SMB owner and ourselves. To properly execute this strategy in the SMB space requires creativity, experience, and the right network. Contact Us for more details.


Many entrepreneurs dream about taking their company public via an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Unfortunately, most businesses will never make it happen due to extremely high barriers, suffocating regulations, and unreasonable expenses. However, we've solved that problem. Our revolutionary process allows SMBs with $500k+ in revenue and no debt to IPO without incurring any costs. We work with an international group of investors who specialize in Scaled IPOs and Agglomerations. These are unique models to take smaller companies public as part of a larger group. Only the most qualified businesses are eligible for this strategy. Contact Us today to find out if your company qualifies.
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